Electronic Monitoring Devices

We understand the need for end-to-end visibility across the journey of a shipment and that's why we have approved a wide range of different devices for use on our aircraft

New Approvals

We are constantly looking to expand our portfolio of approved devices and provide our valued customers with greater flexibility. If you would like to request for approval of a new device, please fill in the attached form and send it to along with the below mentioned documents. Please ensure that the subject line of the e-mail is “The Make and Model of the Device”.

  • Certificate/Declaration of conformance from device manufacturer/supplier
  • RTCA/DO-160 EMI Test Report if the device is capable of emitting signals
  • UN38.3 Test Report for battery used within device
  • Datasheet/Specification sheet of the device
  • Any other certification that can additionally support in the evaluation of device
  • Information on industry usage of device

Please note that device approvals are dependent on the quality of the documents provided and are assessed on a case by case basis. 

If you’ve got questions, please feel free to write to us at and we will be glad to assist you.

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