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We recognise that owners and museums place a great deal of trust in their logistics companies and airlines when transporting valuable and rare pieces of art and instruments.

That's why we have introduced our tailored service called FlyCulture.

FlyCulture is designed to transport your customers' valuable paintings, sculptures and musical instruments across the globe safely, securely and discreetly. These three values underpin this bespoke service offering.



Etihad Cargo's number one priority is safety - not only of our aircraft and operations but also of your precious shipments. Our processes and procedures have been designed and tested by a number of specialist logistics companies to ensure that we have the high level of quality demanded by the owners who require safe air transportation.



Etihad Cargo’s vision is to be your trusted air cargo carrier of choice. To achieve our vision, our products and services must deliver and have ingrained in their DNA, the trust of you, our customers. FlyCulture has built-in trust from the booking process through to delivery at the destination airport.

Alongside your specialist logisitics company, we work with police and customs authorities at the origin, destination and at our hub in Abu Dhabi to provide a smooth transition through legal formalities.



We understand how important it is that details of movements of valuable art or instrument shipments do not end up in the wrong hands. We operate on a need-to-know basis when FlyCulture shipments are being transported.

If requested, we will keep a courier or nominated person informed of the progress of the shipment at each stage of its journey.

What does the FlyCulture service include?


Our FlyCulture service will provide you and your customers:

  • Dedicated pallets
  • Cool room storage at the temperature required
  • Confirmed booking on requested flight (only higher priority is live animals or human organs/remains)
  • Contact with an onboard courier or agent
  • No stacking of items on top of each other
  • Requesting positioning of our aircraft close to the Abu Dhabi Cargo Terminal for major and high value shipments (over $10m)
  • Minimum cut off times for delivery to origin; agreed when size of shipment known
    • Enhanced handling
    • Pre-alert messaging from origin and destination
    • Monitored through the Abu Dhabi Cargo Terminal by a dedicated trained Etihad Cargo handling team
    • Confirmation from destination of arrival in good order
    • Priority delivery at destination


The following table shows how the FlyCulture service compares to our General Cargo and FastTrack products, which can also be used for lesser valued items.

If your shipment is large enough to require a freighter aircraft, we will provide a seat for a courier to accompany the valuable shipment. We will also provide a single Economy ticket for the courier to return to the same origin (subject to availability).

A comparison of our products and services

Hajj: Memories of a Journey at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi


In collaboration with Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque organised the Hajj: Memories of a Journey exhibition, which took place in Abu Dhabi from September 2017 until March 2018. The exhibition explored the rituals of Hajj, one of the fundamental pillars of Islam. The exhibition highlighted the experiences of Emirati pilgrims through the ages and more specifically, Sheikh Zayed’s personal Hajj journey in 1979.  Etihad Cargo played a key role in moving precious artefacts from around the world for this unique exhibition. Using our special FlyCulture service, shipments of more than 6 tons were brought to Abu Dhabi from Kuwait, London and Athens to help showcase the Hajj journey of Sheikh Zayed.  Our involvement also supports our ongoing commitment to the 2018 Year of Zayed where the 4 key values are Respect, Wisdom, Sustainability and Human Development.


Just some of the unique artefacts on display at the Hajj exhibition at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi.

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