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Air Mail is the oldest ‘Air’ product in history; the first official flight carrying Air Mail was in India from Allahabad to Naini. The flight took place on 18th February 1911 where 6,500 letters were carried just 13km (8.1m). Compare that to 11th November 2016 when, in a single day, 35 million items were posted for international delivery.

Etihad Cargo Mail transports letters and packages for Postal Services from around the world serving postal authorities and service providers across our entire network; more than 110 destinations in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas. Ensuring your deliveries are seamless, Etihad Cargo complies with all regulations laid out by the Universal Postal Union (UPU).

Whatever your mail requirements, we can provide the service to help you*.


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*these services are only available to registered companies and not private customers.

How can you ship your perishable goods?


 Etihad Cargo knows that some items need the maximum in care and attention to ensure they reach their destination in fresh a condition as they left and that time is of the essence.        That is why Etihad Cargo offers expertise in the transportation of temperature controlled, sensitive freight in which the storage and handling of these perishables is of the utmost  importance.  

 Serving high-tech industries as well as producers and distributors of perishable commodities; we use specialised air cargo temperature controlled containers using active and  passive  temperature solutions.


Safely transporting your Dangerous Goods


Etihad Cargo Dangerous Goods product looks after articles or substances, which are capable of posing a significant risk to health, safety or to property when transported by air. Hence, a great amount of skill, experience and expertise is at work to transport these shipments with the utmost safety & Security.

Types of Dangerous Goods:

  • Excepted Quantities
  • Dangerous Goods Totally Forbidden
  • Carried by passenger or Cargo Aircraft only
  • Treated as non-Dangerous Goods (Items, which do not come under the classification of 9 classes)
  • Forbidden unless exempted (National Authority of the origin country may grant permission depending on the type of shipment)

Hazard Classes and Labels:


  • Must be packed in good quality packaging

  • Use only the packaging permitted by the applicable Packing Instructions given in IATA DGR

  • Must be able to resist the temperature and vibration that occur during normal air transport conditions

  • Packaging material used should not react with Dangerous Goods

  •  If absorbent material is being used it should not react with the item in case of leakage

  • Cylinders with gas must have the valve protection caps installed or valves securely fitted to prevent any discharge

  •  Infectious substances and Diagnostic specimens should be in a watertight/leak proof container.
  • When filling with liquids sufficient ullage must be present to prevent any leakage which may be caused due to the expansion of the liquid as a result of temperature changes.

Marking and Labeling:

  • English must be used

  • Remove any irrelevant markings on the package and apply appropriate new markings on the packages

  • All labels must be securely affixed and must be visible.


  • The form must be completed in English .

  • A 24 hours Emergency Contact Telephone Number must be given in the additional Handling Information column of the DGD.


In the case of consolidations each HAWB must have a separate DGD completed

  • The declaration form must not be signed by the cargo agent/freight forwarder or the consolidator.

  • All amendments on the DGD must be signed by the person who signed the DGD. However, the AWB No, Airport of Departure and Airport of Destination are exempted from this

Empty Packaging:

  •  Empty packaging that previously contained Dangerous Goods must be treated according to the IATA DGR, unless it has been cleaned properly

  •  Word 'empty un cleaned' must be shown in the "Quantity and Type of package column of the DGD"
  •  If packaging which previously contained Dangerous Goods has not been cleaned properly in order to nullify the hazard, then it must be marked according to the Dangerous Goods it  contained, as required by the IATA DGR



  • All Dangerous Goods must have a prior reservation with the Etihad Cargo

  • The shipper must make prior arrangements for infectious substances as required in the IATA DGR.

Hidden Dangerous Goods:

Cargo declared under the description given below may contain hazardous items, which are not apparent E.g.: Chemicals, Consolidated shipments, Diagnostic specimens, Equipment, Gas cylinders, Medical supplies, Personal effects, spare parts, Toys

Repatriation Services


Etihad Cargo and Al Foah Funeral Services have formed a new partnership that offers a comprehensive funeral service, including repatriation of both cremated and human remains worldwide. We offer repatriation services to all faiths and communities in the UAE.

While family members and friends were previously responsible for arranging repatriation of their loved ones on their own, we aim to lighten the burden during their time of mourning by taking care of the entire repatriation process.

Together, we will coordinate every element of repatriation, from processing complex paperwork through local authorities, to preparing the deceased for transportation by air and organising the special packaging required for cremated remains. The utmost care and respect will be extended to the deceased and the bereaved, while ensuring that the process is diligently followed with no room for error.

In addition to securing the documentation required for the release of the deceased, we can also help with:

  • Arrangements for transportation and the supply of the coffin or casket according to Etihad’s specifications.

  • Transportation to the airport from within the UAE.

  • Clearance at the final destination airport.

  • Collection by a funeral director at the destination, arrangements for burial or cremation in the destination country 

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