In May 2016, Abu Dhabi Customs announced that the preferred method of shipping air cargo from Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH) to all destinations is through the IATA electronic Air Waybill (e-AWB). Since August 2016 the use of e-AWB for shipping air cargo has been a mandatory requirement for all airlines and paper AWBs will no longer be accepted by Abu Dhabi Customs.

Benefits of e-AWB:

  • HIGHER PRODUCTIVITY: Elimination of repeated data keying, real time access to AWB information and no waiting time for processing paper AWB at airline desk.
  • BETTER RELIABILITY: No risk of losing documents and reduced number of errors
  • REGULATORY COMPLIANCE: Authorized by international treaties regulating air cargo transport; contribution to the advanced reporting requirements
  • PAVING THE WAY TOWARDS E-FREIGHT: A first step toward a paper free air cargo, involving less stakeholders


Please see below a map of which stations are accepting e-AWB. Alternatively, contact your local Etihad Cargo office for more information.


2020_11_05_eAWB Station Capabilitiesv2

For Dubai Customers using the Calogi Portal, all shipments must be sent as e-AWB. By using the Calogi Portal you are accepting the Etihad e-AWB Conditions of Carriage.


Click here to download the Etihad Web Portal Guide

Cargo iQ

Cargo iQ is a not-for-profit membership group supported by IATA and composed of some 80 major airlines, freight forwarders, ground-handling agents, trucking companies and IT solution providers globally.​

Etihad Cargo and other Cargo iQ members work together to define the processes behind the air transport of cargo to measure success and continuously improve the value of airfreight for customers.

  • 82 members worldwide including airlines, forwarders, GHAs, IT companies and airports
  • 10 million A2A shipments measured in 2015
  • 5.5 million D2D shipments measured in 2015
  • 900,000 A2A and 500,000 D2D shipments measured monthly



Cargo iQ 2021 Targets​















Visit the Cargo iQ website for further information including Cargo iQ’s Master Operating Plan (MOP).

For any enquiries on Etihad’s Cargo iQ or Bravo Offsets, please contact Pak Wong.

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International logistics is a complex process laden with large volumes of documentation. Descartes webDocs™ is a web to electronic data interchange (EDI) solution that transmits electronic airway bill (eAWB) information to the airlines. With Descartes WebDocs in place, freight forwarders, Ground Handling Agents (GHAs) and air carriers can automate the shipment process and easily capture relevant data for air shipment documentation.

Etihad Cargo customers can use the WebDocs by logging into the system.

If you are not a member, please e-mail Servicedesk@descartes.com to create an account. For more information and support with WebDocs, please e-mail Servicedesk@descartes.com