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Send Feedback

We value your custom and also appreciate any feedback you may have regarding aspects of our service.
Raise a Claim

If there is a need for you to raise a claim against one of your shipments please follow the below link.
Live Animal Booking Request

Etihad Cargo AVI Product is subject to the conditions as described in IATA's Live Animals Regulations and Etihad Airways’ Regulations which are closely related to the type of animals, type of aircraft, temperature at origin, en-route and destination and availability of an animal attendant(s).
Once logged in as a registered user you can request a booking to ship Live Animals such as Pets.
Quote for a Charter

With our rapidly expanding fleet of freighters, Etihad Cargo Charter offers reliable, flexible and cost effective world-wide charter solutions.
Registered users can quote for a Charter Service using our portal.
Make a complaint (Customer Services)

Registered users can log complaints on Damages, Pilferages, Delays, Not flown as booked, Missing Cargo or Documents, Perished Shipments or Split Shipments.

Human Remains

Etihad Cargo offers a sensitive priority service for human remains and ensures that you receive full and discreet care at all stages. It is possible to transport both approved coffins and cremated remains.
Registered users can request a booking to ship human remains.
Request Information (Customer Services)

Make an enquiry on any information required or any concerns related to shipping on Etihad Cargo.
Valuable and Vulnerable Cargo Booking Request

With 'SAFEGUARD' from Etihad Cargo you can move your valuable cargo with the highest degree of care and security.
Registered users can request SAFEGUARD Valuable Product bookings using this portal.
Automobile Booking Request

Registered users can provide details of an Automobile Shipment to request for a booking.