Approved Devices


List of Approved Devices 


  • Cartasense U-Sensor
  • Controlant 10.01
  • Core-TT Pallet Tag
  • Core-TT Standard Tag
  • DB Schenker Airfreight Smartbox Monitoring Device
  • GD100
  • OnAsset Sentinel Tags
  • ParceLive
  • RoamBee BeeSense
  • RoamBee BeeBeacon Aware
  • RoamBee BeeBeacon Sense
  • Sendum PT300/D
  • Sentry 500
  • Sensitech TempTale 4
  • DHL Smart Sensor
  • Sensitech TempTale Ultra
  • Q-Tag


Terms and Conditions


The approved devices shall be used as per the rules set out in the latest Dangerous Goods Regulations regarding lithium batteries and battery powered cargo tracking devices/data loggers. In addition, usage must also comply to the rules set out by Etihad:

For temperature-controlled shipments carrying data loggers as ELM under Section II of PI970, there is no longer a requirement to include a statement regarding this in the ‘Handling Information’ field of the Air Waybill.


New Approvals


We are constantly looking to expand our portfolio of approved devices and provide customers with greater flexibility. If you would like to request for an approval of a new device, please contact us at - ensure that the subject line is: “New Approval” and attach the following documents to your email::

  • Certificate/Declaration of conformance from device manufacturer/supplier
  • RTCA/DO-160 EMI Test Report if the device is capable of emitting signals
  • UN38.3 Test Report for battery used within device
  • Datasheet/Specification sheet of the device
  • Any other certification that can additionally support in the evaluation of device
  • Information on industry usage of device

Please note that device approvals are dependent on the quality of the documents provided and are assessed on a case by case basis. 

If you have any other inquires you may reach out to