About SafeGuard


SafeGuard is a  service dedicated  to moving valuable cargo with the highest degree of care and security designed to support the requirements of global security companies, freight forwarders, companies and individuals.


Key highlights of this service are:

  • Fast and secure airport to airport transportation

  • Shipments transported in sealed valuable cargo boxes, or for larger volumes in sealed containers

  • Priority boarding and offloading, supported with pre-alerts and security escorts

  • Storage of shipments at airports in secure areas, accessible only by authorized staff

  • Three hours shipment tender and retrieval at both origin and destination airports

Frequently Asked Questions

As per customer requirement
Yes or through an Etihad appointed GSA.
Maximum package limit is 45 x 30 x 25cms per piece and weight should not exceed 32kg. However, for a wide body route these restrictions will not apply.
No special packaging is required. Typically, valuable goods are packed in bags or boxes- however no particular material required.
Yes, however, necessary approval and pre-alerts are needed.
Etihad will pay back the value on the Air waybill (AWB) to the shipper.

SafeGuard Availability

SafeGuard is available at over 70 destinations on the Etihad network

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